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Galerie Jakubská opened its doors in 1994, since that time it has proudly exhibited the work of Alexandr Onishenko and many other artists from around the world. One of the longest running commercial galleries in Prague, the caliber of the artists we represent and the excellence of the service we provide have continued to fuel the growth of our reputation and the international success of our artists.

When Alexandr Onishenko first came to Prague his artwork met with such success that in a matter of a few years he was able to open his own gallery. In addition to representing his own work, the founding mission of Galerie Jakubská is to exhibit and promote international talents both emerging and established.

While our curatorial focus has remained the New Impressionist paintings of the owner and principle artist, Alexandr Onishenko, a wide variety of work has graced our walls and pedestals over the years. Sculpture, photography, installation work, and drawings have all been a part of the gallery’s collection.

Galerie Jakubská has a well-earned place in both the local and international artistic communities. We regularly host opening receptions for new exhibitions, concerts, and a variety of other social events. During a visit to the gallery you are likely to meet people from all around the world who have come to view our collection. Our friendly, multi-lingual, and expert staff is looking forward to your visit!


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