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Alexandr Onishenko came to the Czech Republic from the Ukraine in 1991. Possessing little more than his artistic talents, which had been honed and perfected over many years, he carved out a place for himself selling his work on the famous Charles Bridge alongside countless other artists.

He quickly distinguished himself and he was not working on the bridge for long. The quality and beauty of Onishenko’s work rose above the rest and he was offered exhibitions not just in the Czech Republic, but in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


2018 – Broadmoor Galleries, Colorado Springs
2018 – Filsinger Gallery, Palm Desert. California
2016 – Broadmoor Galleries, Colorado Springs
2015 – Filsinger Gallery, Palm Desert. California
2014 – Filsinger Gallery, Palm Desert. California
2014 – Broadmoor Galleries. Colorado Springs
2013 – Broadmoor Galleries. Colorado Springs
2012 – Tay Creek Gallery. Arlington.Texas
2012 – Broadmoor Galleries. Colorado Springs
1999 – Park Avenue Atrium. New York

2011 – 38devonshirestreet. London
2009 – The Royal Institute of British Architects. London
2008 – The Smithfield Gallery. London
2007 – Langham Fine Art Gallery. Suffolk
2007 – Graham Fine Art Gallery. London
2006 – Langham Fine Art Gallery. Suffolk
1998 – Charles Barker BSMG. London

2001 – Borowian Gallery. München
1994 – Borowian Gallery. München
1991 – L’Ambiente Gallery. Wolfsburg

2015 – Centre Culturel de la Visitation. Périgueux
2015 – Galerie MoreArt tea. Grenoble
2009 – Galerie Eraunsia. Saint-Jean-de-Luz
2003 – Centre Culturel. Périgueux
2003 – Château de Bricquebec. Bricquebec

2016 – The Gallery @ Star Hill. Kuala Lumpur
2016 – Bienalle, TAPAK Art Gallery. Shah Alam
2014 – National Academy of Arts. Kuala Lumpur
2014 – TAPAK Art Gallery. Shah Alam

Onishenko’s signature techniques are the exclusive use of the palette knife and painting only on black canvas from 1987. His paintings are heavily textured and, through the contrast of the black canvas, he depicts the most radiant colors and deepest of shadows.
He breathes life into even inanimate objects giving them a vibrancy and personality of their own. One can explore his landscapes, see around corners in his forests, fly with his birds, gallop with horses, explore Gothic courtyards or soar with him over the rooftops of Prague.

Onishenko’s paintings are full of energy and, although impressionist in style, rich in detail. His are not one-dimensional canvases, one can return to them again and again, each time discovering new depths, and hidden secrets.

Alexandr is a founder of The Black Canvas International Art School, where he teaches, first of all, how to not afraid Black colour of the Canvas. Art works of the most talented of his student were exhibited at Alexandr’s Gallery.

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