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László Kutas

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László Kutas’ sculptures have been described as “characterized by sensuous patterning, excellent sense of form, original composition and selective use of materials.” His is an individual style based on the realist tradition mirrored by his many stone and bronze statues placed in public squares, but also by his hundreds of mini-plastic pieces, many of which have found their way into private collections on five continents. With his commemorative coins and medals he won both domestic and foreign acclaim.

From cold, hard bronze Kutas forms, not mere figures, but charming characters full of warmth and the softness of life. Elegant, tranquil women and playful, innocent children excite our imaginations and even our affections. The bronze sculpture of László Kutas immediately ingratiates itself with whoever beholds it. From Budapest to Windsor Palace, his long and eclectic résumé can be seen, instead, as a history of those from around the world who have fallen in love with his delightful sculptures.


1936, Budapest, Hungary


1952 – 1954 / Ernő Ágoston in Sopron, Hungary
1954 -1960 / The Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2018 – Galerie Jakubska, Czech Republic

2015 – Galerie Jakubska, Czech Republic

2003 – City Librety of Vác and the Aladár Mühl Exhibition Hall of Sopron, Hungary

2002 – Exhibition at the John Calvin House of the City of Eger in Hungary

2001 – Cultural Home of the Domestic Gard Veszprém, Hungary

2000 – Petöfi Museum Kiskörös, Hungary

1999 – The Diana Gallery in Helsinky, Finland

1997 – Exhibition in the Hall of Painters in Sopron, Hungary

1996 – The Venlo Pieter Breughel Gallery, Holland

1995 – Kreissparkasse Gallery in Northeim, Germany


  • Exhibition at the Kunsthandel P. Breughel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • “The Exhibition of Vengeance” at the Gallery OSZK in the Palace of Buda

1993 – The Gallery of the Grevenbroich Hospital, Germany

1991 – Hungarian Culture Centre Warsaw, Poland

1990 – The Gallery of Carmen de Pelichi in Bruxelles, Belgiím

1989 – The Raum und Kunst Gallery of Hamburg, Germany

1987 – The Mensch Gallery of Hamburg, Germany

1986 – The Kodansha Gallery in Tokyo, Japan

1985 – The BFG Gallery in Regensburg

1984 – The Düret Hall in Budapest

1983 – The BFG Gallery in Regensburg

1980 – The BFG Gallery in Regensburg

1975 – Wiener Neustat Galerie 9

1971 – Madách Theater, Budapest


2003 – The Pro Kultura Sopron Award, Sopron, Hungary

1991 & 1995 – The Vilmos Roisz Prize, Sopron, Hungary

1979 – The Mayor‘s Silver Medal, Ravenna, Italy

1974 – First Prize in an international medal competition, “Giorgio Vasari”, Florence, Italy

Selected Public and Private Collections:

  • Ravenna: Centro Dantesco
  • Vienna: Kunsthistorisches Museum
  • London: Windsdor Palace
  • New York: International Coin Corporation
  • Florence: City Collection
  • Stockholm: Royal Collection of Nedala
  • Debrecen: Déri Museum
  • Budapest: National Gallery, etc.

Selected Commemorative Coins:

13 silver-nickle, silver and gold commemorative coins issued by the National Bank of Hungary:

  • Picture of Béla Bartók: 500 Forints, silver
  • Sándor Körösi Csoma: 100Forints, silver-nickel
  • Olympics at Seoul: 500Forints, silver
  • Mathias Rex: 5,000 Forints
  • Ferenc Erkel: 10,000 Forints, gold, etc.

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