Jakubská 4, Praha 1, 110 00 Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 224 827 926 info@galeriejakubska.com

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Galerie Jakubska
Jakubská 744/4
Praha 1 – Staré město
110 00, Czech Republic

tel.: +420 224 827 926
fax.: +420 222 327 210

email: info@galeriejakubska.com
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Opening hours:

10:00 – 18:00 Daily | Denně

Our Staff

Alexandr Oniščenko - provozovatel

Odpovědná osoba
IČO 4927 4007
DIČ CZ5707172042

Alena Onishenko - Art Curator

Alena has a degree in Business Administration from Prague University, and prior to working in the Gallery she has worked in sales and gained experience in business management. Being a daughter of an artist she have always had keen interest in fine arts and there is no surprise she had joined the gallery and has brought her skills and experience to her current position.

Nowadays Alena is taking care of the exhibitions and shows abroad and permanently searching for new opportunities and occasions to represent and spread Onishenko’s work worldwide.

Alena speaks Czech, English, Russian and French.

Kristine Varosyan - Gallery Manager

Kristine joined Galerie Jakubska in 2003. Having begun her professional career in sales and marketing for such names as 
GF Ferré, Lloydspharmacy or Accor group, later she emerged into the professional world of art.
She turned those skills and vast experience into helping tools to run the gallery as dealing with art and art collectors needs careful planning, intuition, imagination and permanent research.

Kristine enjoys this challenging, surprising and full of fun work, where she is able to use her studies as well as languages that she speaks:
Armenian, English, French, Czech and Russian.

Michael Imaykin - Marketing & Sales

Michael joined Galerie Jakubska team in 2012.
A graduate from Magnitogorsk State University he is responsible for Marketing and Sales strategies as well as for overall concept of Gallery presentation. 
 Before starting work at Galerie Jakubska he has studied photography and video production, and has worked as a video production assistant. While delving deeper into the current international art market, he has honed both his research and marketing skills. He became indispensable part of the team, full of fresh ideas, helping whole team to get to the new level and approach to the Gallery.

Michael speaks Czech, English, Russian.

Ostrinskiy Vladimir - Independent Sales Representative in Ukraine

We are glad to welcome Ostrinskiy Vladimir in our Team!

Please, contact Vladimir for all questions and matters related to Sales in Ukraine:

Tel: +380967335357
Email: info@dierre-ua.com


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