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Alexandr Onishenko has unique technique of painting on the Black Canvas, which he produces by special, invanted himself technology. Due to big quantity of his art admirers and persons interested in his unique technique, Alexandr decided to help students to further develop as artists through his Master Classes. Now you have possibility to open “The Secret of the Black Canvas”.
Where?: at the Gallery Jakubska
What do I need?: only an idea of your future painting, all needed materials will be provided, as well as one handmade black canvas, approximately 45×50 cm.
What will we do there?: to paint on Black Canvas by using Alexandr’s unique technique.
How many people can be in the group?: Maximum is 6 persons
When?: every Sunday from 10am to 2pm
Price?: 2.500 Kč per person

For those who would like to feel the atmosphere of real painter’s atelier and paint with famous painter face-to-face, we prepare such individual Master Class at Alexandr’s studio. All details are discussed in advance.
Price?: from 6.000 Kč

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